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Title Platform Developer Release
Aegis Wing Xbox 360 Carbonated Games 2007
Batsugun SP Ver. Switch Toaplan / City Connection 1993 / 2023
Darius Gaiden MAME (Shmupmame 4) Taito 1994
Deathsmiles Xbox 360 Cave 2007
DoDonPachi MAME (Shmupmame 4) Cave 1997
DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Ver 1.5 Steam Cave 2008
DonPachi MAME (Shmupmame 4) Cave 1995
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil PC Team Shanghai Alice 2002
Espgaluda Shmuparch 7 Cave 2003
Gaurodan OUYA Locomalito 2013
Gekirindan Saturn Taito 1995
Giga Wing Generations PS2 Taito 2004
Gunbird Shmuparch 7 Psikyo 1995
Hazelnut Hex Switch Chunderfins Games 2022
Jet Buster PC Team Grybanser Fox 2017
Kaikan PC Zakichi 2013
Karous Dreamcast Milestone 2006
Mountain Of Faith PC Team Shanghai Alice 2007
Mushihimesama 1.5 PC Cave 2015
Over Horizon NES Hot-B 1991
Perfect Cherry Blossom PC Team Shanghai Alice 2003
Psyvariar Revision PS2 Skonec/Success 2003
Samurai Aces MAME (0.251) Psikyo 1993
Space Moth Lunar Edition Steam 1CC Games 2021
Strike Force Hydra PS1 Digi-Guys 2003
Super Aleste SNES Compile 1992
Zero Gunner 2 Switch Psikyo/Zerodiv 2001/2018

Player ship from R-Type with a rainbow effect Currently working on: -

As the title says this is a list of my 1CC:s (clearing the game without using continues) but you can also click here for a complete list of all my shoot 'em ups if you're curious.

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