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1 What is the point of this site

1.1 The ideals

Damn you, capitalism!I don't like how the internet is being walled in to more or less a few dominating platforms strictly run by corporations capitalizing on people's privacy. This said I have to use the tools available to spread the stuff I do, say and want. Because of this I've been on Twitter for over a decade and it's taking a toll on me. Not even taking into account how bad it's gotten since the too rich man got involved I really can't stand the way the hierarchical like-economy works.

Furthermore, if we're going to organize... well anything, quite frankly, it's not optimal to do so on a platform run by the very thing we often oppose. This is why I'm finding myself gravitating further and further away from these types of sites.

1.2 The content

On this site I want to put everything that's of interest to me. Not all at once, obviously, but when the need to communicate something in particular arises then I'll add a page about it on this site. I started off with sections about my hifi system, my interest in shoot 'em up video games and my pixel art and went from there. There's no real theme going on here except for what's interesting to me.

2 How am I going about it

2.1 The vision

Animated gif: Blue codeI want a site that's quick to load, nostalgic to look at and that makes me happy. If I'm going to stay online and not lose my mind I need a corner that's just mine. Where I decide what goes up and not. I really hate browsing the web on my phone so I can't imagine I'll add responsive design to the site anytime soon (since this site is for me) but I change my mind all the time (I think that's healthy) so perhaps there's a mobile friendly version in the future.

2.2 The code

I find joy in clean HTML and CSS. I do my best to make it as readable as possible for others and I avoid superflous code. I want my site to be script free. There's currently one (1) script on here and that's for the visitor counter to work. If I find a solution based on only HTML/CSS in the future I'll implement it.